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The Roudle Meeting Location Optimizer

How much CO2, travel time and costs can your organisation save?


With MobilityLabel’s meeting location optimizers, your employees will find the best place for collaboration and meetings. Together you save travel time, travel costs and CO2 emissions.

you can find the best place for your appointment with the Roudle appointment picker

Meeting, the smart way

Roudle is the award-winning Smart Mobility service that calculates the best place to meet with minimal travel time. By planning your appointments at a more efficient location, you save travel time, travel costs and CO2 emissions.

The Meeting Location Optimizer works simply: You indicate where everyone comes from and how they travel and you immediately see where you can best meet up. The solution will probably surprise you, because your gut feeling often fails you in these kinds of puzzles.

The appointment picker uses smart algorithms to calculate the location with the lowest total travel time for the group. This is not necessarily in the middle or the most ‘fair’ distribution, but it is the destination where your group as a whole travels as little as possible.
You can also choose an appointment location that is near the middle. The travel times are then distributed more fairly, but the total travel time added up is longer.

To help you further, we show tips on the map for possible meeting locations in the area, such as co-workplaces, restaurants and hotels. You can then easily share the chosen location with your colleagues.

Save unnecessary kilometers by meeting smarter

What can the Roudle approach mean for your company?

Do your employees drive a lot of kilometers for meetings, training courses or other appointments? Have you introduced time-and-place-independent working, but have not yet made the desired change in the behavior behind it? Then consider an efficient appointment tool that facilitates your employees with ‘smart appointments’.

We make dedicated appointment tools for employers in the corporate house style, standard out-of-the-box, or, if desired, supplemented with company-specific functions and options, such as the company’s own locations.

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Roudle Meeting Location Optimizer

Why the Roudle appointment pickers for your organization?

The most important USPs at a glance

  • Save costs

    The appointment pickers calculate the best place to plan a specific appointment, taking into account the different departure points and travel methods. This often saves you 20% on travel time or working time. And usually about the same amount of travel expenses.

  • Save CO2

    One of the smartest ways to work more sustainably is to avoid unnecessary kilometers. Sometimes you sacrifice some convenience or comfort with a sustainable choice, but not by using smart meeting location; nobody is against the prevention of unnecessary travel time and kilometres. And no one is stuck in traffic for fun.

  • Flexible working

    Due to the Corona measures, everyone has become accustomed to working from home. Now that we are going back to the office more, it is important to find a good balance between working from home, working at the (head) office and working/meeting in flexible places ‘in the middle’. This appointment picker helps to really put location-independent working into practice and to make the right choice of location for each meeting. After all, not every meeting with colleagues from other regions has to take place at the head office.

  • Convenience for employees

    Scheduling appointments is a time-consuming process for many employees. Finding the right combination of time, space in the agendas, travel times and location is a big puzzle for many knowledge workers, assistants or managers. Smart tooling such as this appointment picker facilitates you in this and saves you time and effort. And maybe you will get to know unexpected locations or nice new coffee shops!

  • Social contribution to traffic reduction

    Many companies struggle with accessibility issues and traffic jams, but are also co-causers of them. More and more organizations are working on balancing this within the framework of their CSR policy and are investigating how they too can contribute to reducing congestion and improving regional accessibility. By meeting at smarter locations and times, your employees will be less stuck in traffic and therefore contribute less.


This ‘Smart Appointment’ optimizer was conceived and developed by MobilityLabel, a Dutch Smart Mobility provider that specializes in optimizing commuter traffic for employers and regions.
The appointment picker arose from a need in practice, or rather, from a personal frustration: Everyone knows the puzzle you get when you want to meet with a group of people; do you meet around Amsterdam, or in Rotterdam or Brussels? We have made the appointment picker for this. For you, and a little bit for ourselves, to bring people together more easily. And having to travel less together, drive fewer kilometres, spend less time in traffic jams and contribute to a better environment.

For questions and feedback, the MobilityLabel team can be reached at

Christiaan Rasch

Christiaan Rasch

“It is our goal to support organizations in making efficient and sustainable mobility choices with state of the art smart mobility solutions.”

Thijs Brentjens

Thijs Brentjens

“With objective figures and bright visuals, it is easier to formulate appropriate mobility policy.”

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Saving travel time, costs and CO2 starts with meeting at the right location

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