How much CO2, travel time and costs can your organization save?

Roudle, the meeting location planner and optimizer
Roudle - meeting optimizer

Roudle is an online location planning tool for organizing meetings with people from different areas.

The Meeting Location Optimizer Roudle a responsive web app that calculates the optimal meeting point based on 2 or more starting points and (optional) a desired meeting time and day. At this moment Roudle is based on transportation by car within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. In the Netherlands we also include public transport. Specifications of our services may vary from country to country and depend on availability of standarized data sources like public transport time tables. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities in your region.

As a result Roudle shows the optimum meeting point (or more if they are of equal quality), based on actual travel times and distances and expected traffic congestion at the desired moment. The given solution is not influenced by sponsors, and lists all possible venues around the objective optimum that could host your meeting, whether it’s halfway between two cities, on one of your own branches or somewhere else in the middle: We’ll find the smartest place to meet.

Roudle is based on saving travel time, distances and costs, contributing to a reduction of traffic congestion and reducing CO2 emission and other environmental impacts of transportation: You travel less and have more time for your meeting. Roudle helps users find undiscovered places meeting locations, places to work and training venues and helps to share travel time and costs, supports alternative working practices and alternative workplace strategies, connects people and supports a larger behavioural change in travels.

Like most innovations, Roudle originated from a frustration: Everyone knows the puzzle that you get when you want to meet up with a group of people; Do you meet up around Rotterdam, or were you thinking about Amsterdam, Brussels or The Hague? We made Roudle for you, and a little bit for ourselves, for making less kilometres, having less traffic frustrations and to contribute to a better environment.
Roudle’s ambition is to be the number one tool for location decisions and meeting planning. If you would like to be part of that, please contact the MobilityLabel team to further discuss potential collaboration.


At this moment, further information (and a free trial account) is only available in Dutch:

Meeting Location Optimizer Roudle

Voer de verschillende
vertrekpunten in, ...

... en geef aan hoe iedereen reist.

Wij berekenen de beste plek
voor jouw afspraak of overleg

Ontdek de afspreekplek(ken)
met de laagste totale reistijd

inclusief reistijden,
afstanden en CO2-uitstoot.

Kies de faciliteiten
rondom de beste locatie,...

....en ontdek nieuwe, leuke
én efficiënte afspraakplekken!

... en deel de informatie
gemakkelijk met je gasten.


Onnodige kilometers besparen door slimmer af te spreken

Wat kan de Roudle-aanpak voor uw bedrijf betekenen?

Maken uw medewerkers veel kilometers voor onderlinge afspraken, trainingen of MT-overleggen? Heeft u Het Nieuwe Werken ingevoerd, maar nog niet de gewenste omslag gemaakt in het gedrag áchter tijd-en-plaats-onafhankelijk werken? Overweeg dan een efficiënte afspraaktool die uw medewerkers faciliteert bij ‘slim afspreken’.

Wij maken dedicated afspreektools voor werkgevers in de huisstijl van het bedrijf, standaard out-of-the-box, of desgewenst aangevuld met bedrijfsspecifieke functies en mogelijkheden, zoals bijvoorbeeld de eigen locaties van het bedrijf.

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